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We prepare Contracts of Employment and Staff Handbooks. A well-managed workplace and they should be reviewed each year or when problems highlight the need for this.

We prepare Contracts of Employment and Staff Handbooks. A well-managed workplace will have these. They need to be regularly reviewed as they set the scene and allow for prompt action to be taken where employees fall short of what is required. They also help when defending unfair dismissal and discrimination claims.

Perhaps most importantly, they protect your organisation. Without appropriate restrictions in contracts, employees are free to compete against you so long as they don’t steal confidential information. Well-drafted contracts will prevent employees enticing clients and employees away for a reasonable period – normally 6-12 months.

An employer can ask (not insist) that employees consider signing up to new terms and conditions. As long at these reasons are real (for example, working different hours to meet client needs) an employee can be dismissed on notice as the need to change is a ‘substantial reason.’ An employer must hold a fair procedure and act reasonably before dismissing but tribunals understand that managers are entitled to make changes.

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