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Employment Tribunal representation

Gordon Turner Employment Lawyers: A leading firm of employment solicitors

If you’re defending a potential employment tribunal, we can help.

We have a 100% success rate for the period 2020/2021 (save we lost a minor part of a much larger claim last year).

It’s very important to narrow the issues - this makes for a more compelling case and keeps your legal costs down, so I’ve written an article for employers on how best to defend claims which you might read before contacting me. As a starting point a clear chronology cross-referencing a neat bundle of documents would be very helpful.

Having a clear view of the case at the beginning with all the documents helps me to assess the merits and helps me negotiate- the clearer I can be, the more likely the employee is to drop their case before things escalate…

I am based mainly in London, but I have many clients in Manchester and Birmingham. Most meetings can be conducted by phone or Teams.

If you need representation, call our specialist team or make an online enquiry and take the first step to resolving your issue:

London: 020 7247 7190 |  Birmingham: 0121 728 6518 | Manchester: 0161 850 4095 

Gordon was a great help! Very speedy response and excellent service provided.

Gordon Turner is a very experienced employment lawyer, working mainly on resolving employment law matters worth over £10,000+. If your claim is likely to be worth less that £10,000 or if you need legal aid, please consider other employment lawyers via the Law Society’s Find a Solicitor service.

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