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With redundancies and restructuring it is very important to get the procedures right and to use them fairly and considerately. The main rights are: notification, consultation and rules for selecting employees where there is a ‘pool’ and a fair meeting. 

Employees who have worked for over 2 years are entitled to their contractual notice (or statutory notice) plus a fixed award as follows:

  • £544 for each year worked under age 41
  • £816 for each year worked over age 41

(to a maximum of 20 years).

Where large number of employees (20 or over) are concerned, there are additional duties such as electing representatives and the timescales for consultation. Failure to comply with this can lead to an additional ‘protective’ award of up to 13 weeks’ gross pay. Settlement agreements can also be considered at this stage. 

Sometimes redundancy can be unfair or discriminatory. A pregnant woman who is made redundant when other employees would be a more obvious choice for selection might claim unfair dismissal and discrimination.

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