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The best £500 I’ve spent on a lawyer’- David Goddard, HR Manager, ARH Ltd.

Dealing with difficult employees

How to manage and remove disruptive employees.

2 hours- Teams Online Training – cost £450 plus vat including detailed notes

Maximum 10 delegates


“…Gordon’s unique selling point is that his ideas sometimes seem odd at the time but then work!”

 Chris Milsom, barrister- Cloisters.


This has always been a very popular course of mine...

Most managers understand capability and misconduct issues but don’t know how to handle the employee who’ is actually good at their job but is disruptive. Difficult employees tend to be ahead of the legal game when compared with line managers and often know which buttons to press.

This course is aimed at HR managers with line managers so we can discretely discuss real problems. It will provide your managers with the legal ‘know how’ so you can safely tackle -and if necessary- dismiss difficult employees.


Course outline

  • Dismissals- refreshing on the basics: the 5 reasons for dismissal, procedural standards/ACAS Codes
  • Spotting a ‘Difficult Employee’
  • Some Other Substantial Reason dismissals
  • Case examples of ‘substantial’ reason' dismissals 
  • Common mistakes (cross over with discrimination/unfair dismissal/whistleblowing)
  • Positioning- what to say, when to say it
  • Evidence
  • Procedural safeguards
  • Structural steps- behavioural standards in contracts and handbooks, simple notices/big advantages
  • Personality clashes
  • The 'Reasonable Steps' defence
  • Implied Terms – Laws which apply regardless of contracts: eg: Trust and Confidence, Fidelity, Following Reasonable management Instruction
  • Common mistakes- traps set for exit strategies and how to respond


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Dealing with difficult employees

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